Become a RL Babe

Posted by Shelby Hedgpeth on

Hi Babes! I'm so glad you're here! I just want to start off with a HUGE THANK YOU! You have no idea how much you all have changed my life for my family and for that I am forever grateful!

Now you are wondering what the heck a RL Babe is - Let me tell you!

RL Babes is what I call all my customers that rock my merch. I love when customers promote my small business because they love the product that much to tell their family and friends.

Are there perks of being a RL Babe? ABSOLUTELY! By joining my facebook group you get access to items first, free Boutique Bucks, discounts, real life rl babe reviews, able to suggest items/styles, and SO MUCH MORE! My favorite is the Shit Show Lives - it's a real good time! We have some drinks, lots of laughs, and get to see how the clothing fits different body types.

To become a babe, just click the link here >

Thank you so much! And don't forget to follow my RL Babe Reps! You can find them sharing and posting items they have fallen in love with and use their discount codes!

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