Ultra Violet Self Tanner

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Get your darkest tan with ultra violet!

Follow instructions for the perfect tan 💜

Comes with a pre packaged purple mitt, self tanner, & instructions.

Be sure to apply sunscreen or moisturizer every day.

Re apply every 7 to 10 days

Get 6 to 8 uses per bottle 

You can layer for a darker tan! 🙌🏼

Be sure to rinse and moisturize! The more you moisturize, the longer the tan!

I love this stuff! I’ve tried TONS of different self tanners and this one is THE BEST 👏🏼 I apply before bed (be sure to wear dark, loose pjs), rinsed the next morning, applied my moisturizer, and put on a white tee. I had ZERO (you read that right) ZERO TRANSFER!!

Did I sell you on it yet? Lol